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Sydney sindhi association (SSA) is a Sydney , Australia based non-profit organisation. SSA represents Australians of Sindhi origin now residents of New South Wales.

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SSA encourages and fosters the development of Sindhi language and culture in Australia and establishes a distinct Sindhi identity by synthesizing and promoting cultural knowledge and experiences of members settled in New South Wales. SSA celebrates number of family events and cultural festivals such as Chetichand ‘birth of Sindhi God Jhulelal’, Thadri and Diwali Ball together with other social event for all Indian communities such as Family Day, Valentine’s Day, Holi, Sindhi movie day and Bollywood Antakshari.

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Sindhi Interesting Facts

Gandhidham in Kutch India has been developed as a new home town for Sindhis displaced after partition of India in year 1947. The development was initiated by Late Bhai Partab.

Sindh has a very ancient history. Sindhu river has been mentioned in Rig Veda. There are four main Vedas, Yajur Ved, Saam Ved, Arath Ved and Rig Veda.

The Sindhi diaspora consists of Sindhi people who have emigrated from the historical Sindh province of British India, as well as the modern Sindh province of Pakistan, to other countries and regions of the world, as well as their descendants.

Apart from South Asia, there is a large and well-established community of Sindhis throughout different continents of the world – including Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Oman, UAE, USA and UK etc

The first railway train in Sindh was started on 13th May 1861 from Karachi to Kotri.

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Sindhi Literature​

Sindhi language is ancient and rich in literature. Its writers have contributed extensively in various forms of literature in both poetry and prose. Sindhi literature is very rich, and is one of the world's oldest literatures.

Sindhi In Australia

The Hindu Sindhis are today living in almost all states of India and other countries of the world - scattered as individuals, couples, small families or small regional communities.

Sindhi Food

Ranging from humble dal rice to inspired macaroni curry, from soul soothing kadhi-rice to signature saibhaji pulav, sindhi people have lip-smacking list of meal combinations.

Sindhi Clothing

Sindhi women wear the Shalwar kameez or the sari and the men wear the shalwar kameez or the kurta with pyjamma. However, before the adoption, Sindhi's had their own traditional costumes.

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Sydney Sindhi Association Inc of NSW (SSA) was informally formed in 1989 and formally incorporated in July 1992.  Sydney Sindhi Association represents Australians of Sindhi origin now residents of New South Wales.  SSA is a non-profit organisation that mainly provides platform for social and cultural activities of Sindhi people, who have migrated to Australia from India and other parts of the world. SSA is part of an umbrella organisation, United Indian Association Inc (UIA). Together with UIA, SSA aims to promote a harmonious relationship amongst Indians & Australian citizens and undertake welfare work for the benefit of the Indian community and new migrants.