We, the Sindhi people are citizens of the world. We pride ourselves about our historic cultural past dating back to Indus Valley Civilisation which took roots on the banks of Indus River 4600 years ago. We are proud of our intelligence, competitive nature, social and political awareness, education excellence, business management skills, community service, knowledge of global trade and financial markets, ability to use technology to our advancement, and our global networking through internet and social media.

We believe in the principle of unity in diversity and peaceful coexistence for everybody in the world. We lead a peaceful life influenced by our spiritual doctrines and the moral code and devotional poetry of the saintly souls of our land. Our cultural outlook is shaped by socio-economic and political conditions of our host society and the events of global business, scientific, environment, economics and technological developments.

Our Sindhi culture is enriched and refined by interacting with new cultures of the world. Our Sindhi language is the purest daughter of Sanskrit from grammatical construction point of view. It is a very sweet and melodious language as its every word ends in a vowel creating a musical sound. Our Sindhi music has its own distinct SARGAM. This soft music played by master musicians on Sindhi musical instruments fills the hearts and souls of listeners with joy and ecstasy, and create resonance with cosmic music of universe.

The 21st Century global Sindhi community is defining its universal cultural identity based on the elements of its rich cultural past, influence of collective human advancement in all spheres of life, and sharing their unique life experience with others across the globe through social media outlets. We are law abiding citizens of the world whose, business, economic and social and community contributions have been widely acknowledged by all nations of the world. As distinct global community that has shared its highly developed civilisation with all nations of the world over last 4600 years, we pledge to continue our contributions towards global peace and prosperity in all nations of the world.

©Inder Kirpalani. Edited version – First published in Dallas/Fort Worth Sindhi Association Newsletter on 19.10.1998

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