GODs Plan

Travelling between Central and Epping on an evening train I observed a 5 year old boy playing with
his small toys by weaving a story from his mind and attributing role play to each toy. Twenty minutes
later when that story came to an end he started another story with the same toys. He was thus busy
in his games throughout his journey on that train.

This vibrant dynamic universe is also an infinite theatre where zillions of stories are simultaneously
played by countless manifestations of Lord spread across this limitless universe of evolving galaxies.
This dynamic game of life subject to time is created by Lord for His pleasure only. The elements of
chemistry, the laws of physics, the infinite time, the laws of universe, the SARGAM of music, the heat
in fire, the cold in ice, the sorrow, the tear, the love and sex is all but Him. He is the subject, the
object and the essence in each situation, the cause and effect of each action, the life and death, the
lover and beloved and the enemy and guide. That’s the intricacy of Maya.

The Krishna and Arjuna, Dhuryodana and Darunacharya, Ram and Rawan, Dropadi and Sita, you and
I are but His countless reflections in time. He knows His plan for each and every evolving story, how
and when it would end and what consequences or impressions it would leave on particular part of
universe. He knows the nexus within universe and the impact of a falling petal of a flower on an
evolving star of a distant galaxy trillions of light years away from earth.

A movie consists of series of scenes interconnected with each other in a sequential way to deliver the
required message to the audience. The script of each scene including dialogues between the
characters is written by the story writer; actors merely deliver it for the audience.

But in Lord’s universal play we create the script of each scene of our interactions with others as per
situational demand. We have choice to think, act and retire from every scene of our daily life as we
like. In play the actors are aware about their last scene but in Lord’s play we just don’t know when
our role will come to an end. However in both cases the actors desire for the opportunity to play and
perform in another story based on past performance, be that in a movie or real life.

Only the director knows what role will be played by a particular actor in that play. Each player
interacts with related characters for a short time, settle his/her account with them and then bow
out. We do the same in Lord’s play except that we don’t know when our role will come to an end.
However we can know God’s plan for us by synchronising our mind with the cosmic mind through
meditation and by creating relationship with our own self just as we have relationships with our
spouses, parents, children, siblings, business colleagues, relatives, and face book friends etc.

While working, travelling, talking, making presentations, shopping, let us be aware of that particular
activity and enjoy the reactions of others. At the conclusion of each scene let us be surprised how
well we played our role in that scene without any written script or directions of the director.

By being aware of our role in the self directed intelligent play of our life we can enjoy every passing
moment of time in spiritual peace and harmony and need not wait until 60, 70, or 80 years of age to
embark on our spiritual journey. We can then easily understand and be amazed at God’s plan for us,
our loved ones, wider humanity and this whole universe.

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