Sindhi Radio

Sydney Sindhi Radio was formally launched on Wednesday, 12 October 2011 in Sydney via a Digital channel.  The radio was launched as part of community radio under the umbrella of Greater India Radio.

Sydney Sindhi Radio is a Digital community Radio, broadcasted live on Digital 2000 frequency (DAB+) ‘2000 Languages’ on every Wednesday between 7pm to 8pm.  The LIVE programs have currently stopped and will be soon be re-launched.

These weekly programs were also recorded for the enjoyment of Sindhis around the world.  We are proud that Sydney Sindhi Radio program is being enjoyed by many Sindhis in more than 146 countries.  Recorded programs can be played from Sydney Sindhi Radio Channel on You Tube (

The link to You Tube channel is also available via Sydney Sindhi Radio’s Facebook page (

If you enjoy presenting, like to share your opinion with the community and/or enjoy Sindhi music then you can join the team of presenters on regular or casual basis.  Sydney Sindhi Radio extends its invitation to join our team.  We like to encourage our Sindhi brothers & sisters to come forward and help broaden the knowledge of our beloved Sindhi boli.

You can also send your request to listen to your favourite Sindhi songs.  Send your email to and we will try our best to find your song and play it in the next program.  We also welcome any topic of your interests for discussion.  Our hard working team will research the topic and present for your & community’s benefit.

Keep listening.

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